Offset Trump

Pledge to do something good over the next four years to offset the potential negative effects of the Trump presidency

Act Now

If you have been inspired to immediate action, please consider donating to a cause which will most likely be directly affected by the president's platform.

This is your excuse.

These charities were sourced from Time. If you have other charities that you feel belong on this list, please share them with @OffsetTrump


While this site was inspired by very real concern shared by the author, his friends, and a large number of Americans about the future leader of our country, the vision of this site is to enact positive change. We aim to repurpose today's intense emotions as a catalyst for good.

We hope that the chance viewer of this site who is opposed to or frightened by the president will take the opportunity to commit to a good act or practice that they feel will make the world a better place.

If Donald turns out not to be that bad, I hope pledgers won't feel guilty about doing a good thing.

If you have concerns or suggestions about this site, please tweet civilly @OffsetTrump.